Renata Tebaldi: style, elegance and passion

Busseto, in the province of Parma, is known all over the world as Giuseppe Verdi’s birthplace. Just outside the ancient walls that surround the village there is an unmissable place: Villa Pallavicino, home of the Giuseppe Verdi National Museum but also of the Museum dedicated to Renata Tebaldi. The Tebaldi Museum sparks the imagination as... Continue Reading →

Where fashion meets opera: Freddy Gaviria

In El Born, the artistic district of Barcelona, there is the atelier of Freddy Gaviria "artisan of fashion" with a particular passion for the Opera and primadonnas to which dedicates many of his creations. When did you decide to become a stylist? And what is your first fashion memory? As a child I already knew... Continue Reading →

Primadonnas and high jewelery: Maria Callas

Women love jewels, but primadonnas love them even more! The fairy-tale world of opera is not just about singing, performances, dreams and spotlights, but also about extravagance and wonderful jewels that superstars love to wear during their most important concerts, recitals, photos and public events. Operafashion will show you the most beloved opera stars and... Continue Reading →

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