Anna Caterina Antonacci and the rarity – Anna Caterina Antonacci e le rarità

These days a very rare opera by Ernst Reyer – Sigurd - has been performed in concert form at the Victoria Hall in Geneva. As extensively reported in the theater program, Sigurd is France's answer – in Grand Opera version – to Richard Wagner's Tetralogy. The female protagonist of this complex opera is the "divine" Anna Caterina... Continue Reading →

A concert with two divas – Un concerto con due dive

On August 24th Bremen hosted a very special evening! The Musikfest presented the long-awaited concert of Anna Caterina Antonacci, the world-known soprano famous for her almost unique vocal timbre, her excellent interpretive skills and her unusual repertoire. Among the attendees, the opera star Olga Peretyatko, sporting – as she said – a Berlinese look. The... Continue Reading →

In prova: l’altra faccia dell’artista – Rehearsal: the other side of the artist

Nuova rubrica! Quale è l'outfit delle soprano quando devono affrontare molte ore di lavoro per preparare lo spettacolo di cui saranno protagoniste? Un modo per scoprire il lato meno conosciuto ma più "reale" di queste artiste! New section! What does a soprano wear when she faces long working hours to rehearse the show which will star... Continue Reading →

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