Who am I?

Vital, cheerful, tireless, prone to gossip (good-naturedly, of course) without being “toad” as my source of inspiration Elsa Maxwell.

A lover of art, opera, fashion and “high society”. “Vivisector” of the clothes of the opera primadonnas.

The blog is dedicated to all this!

Elsa Maxwell with Renata Tebaldi – Courtesy of Renata Tebaldi Museum

5 Comments Add yours

  1. federica says:

    piacere di incontrarla

  2. Simonetti says:

    Brava a la nostra prima lauréata ! ( Concorso Bellini Francia) Grande artista !

  3. P says:

    Super cool idea, I love this blog. How can we reach you for a collaboration?

    1. ladymaxwell says:

      Dear, you can write to: fra.cannata@outlook.com. Thanks!

  4. sigissmondo says:

    Well I’m glad to be here/ I just about gave up as you would not approve several of my passwords, saying they were too easy to guess though I did not think so. In any case I HAVE MADE IT HERE ! That’s the important thing! Looking forward to learning a lot more though I am a SUPER OPERAPHILE who knows opera in and out!

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