Behind the scenes of Griselda at the Festival Valle d’Itria 2021

In the 300th anniversary of the first performance at the Festival della Valle d’Itria is staged Griselda by Alessandro Scarlatti with the conduction of George Petrou and the direction of Rosetta Cucchi.

Operafashion met the costume designer Claudia Pernigotti who described the costumes designed for the protagonists Griselda (Carmela Remigio, soprano) and Gualtiero (Raffaele Pe, countertenor)

“The director Rosetta Cucchi wanted to highlight the contrast between Griselda’s self-denial and the apparent strength of her husband Gualtiero. So for the forest scene – when Griselda is stripped of everything, children, power and her royal clothes – the costume had to reflect the fragility of the woman but, at the same time, her strength.”

She is now also a woman who fights against her apparently static destiny like the images of the women she is surrounded by, imprisoned but at the same time dynamic to the point of reaching rebellion and freedom.”Pernigotti concluded – “The inspiration for the white dresses with the skirt at various heights was given to me by the sculptures on stage and made by the artist Davide Dall’Osso.”

“For Gualtiero, during the hunting scene, I thought of a costume that reflected the character of sovereignty and power. His trophies shows them , even wears them , as in this case , whether they are a wife with whose feelings plays without penalty or an animal on makes a difference” concluded the costume designer.

Alessandro Scarlatti, Griselda

Conductor George Petrou
Direction Rosetta Cucchi
Scenographer Tiziano Santi
Costume designer Claudia Pernigotti
Light designer Pasquale Mari

Gualtiero Raffaele Pe
Griselda Carmela Remigio
Ottone Francesca Ascioti
Costanza Mariam Battistelli
Corrado Krystian Adam
Roberto Miriam Albano
Everardo Carlo Buonfrate

La Lira di Orfeo

Photo Credits: Clarissa Lapolla

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