Francesco Meli pays homage to Italian tailoring tradition

A very glam party!

On the afternoon of October 4th, Franco Puppato, an award-winning Venetian tailor, welcomed many guests to the exclusive presentation of Puppato Elegance, the boutique he opened – with the collaboration of his son Alessandro – in the centre of Venice to satisfy the requests of Italian and international customers who love his unique creations.

Franco Puppato is one of the most famous master tailors in the world, an extraordinary Italian artist who uses ancient techniques to create excellent men’s clothes: classic suits, haute couture creations, formal garments made according to the tradition, but with a modern touch. 

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was followed by a dinner party at Al Colombo restaurant and an exclusive fashion show. Among the guests in attendance, the tenor Francesco Meli, friend of the Puppato family and ambassador of the maison. For the occasion, the artist wore a tailored suit made of blue flannel with matching arabesque stripes, inspired by the clothes of Salvador Dalì. Absolutely elegant!

Wondering what Puppato outfit Francesco Meli will wear at the 2019 Opening Season at the Teatro alla Scala next December…

Photos: Antonio Barbuto

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