Mezzosoprano Raffaella Lupinacci and Miluna pearls

Considered one of the most interesting mezzosoprano of her generation, Raffaella Lupinacci is not only a talented artist but also a handsome and modern young woman who loves following fashion.

Before debuting at the Festival della Valle d’Itria in the role of Romeo – in a very rare production of “Giulietta e Romeo” by Vaccaj, Raffaella had fun as the protagonist of a photoshoot by Andrea Chemelli.

For this occasion Raffaella chose to wear “Perla Regina” collection from Miluna Jewelry. “I love white pearls for the charm and beauty that they transmit” – says the singer – “Like each woman, each pearl conveys its extraordinary femininity”.

Miluna’s exclusive creations have the ability to interpret the many different styles of today’s new women: classic ranges with elegant, perfect, sophisticated styles which nonetheless give to offer a modern twist, combining pearls with new shapes.

2018-07-26 (5)

2018-07-26 (9)
Miluna, gold bracelet with pearls
Miluna, long gold earrings with pearls and diamond faceting boule


Here Raffaella Lupinacci with a long gold necklace with pearls and diamond faceting boule. Smoking from Twin Set.

2018-07-26 (11)


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