Ermonela Jaho ambassador for YWCA Albania

In occasion of 10th year of Breast Cancer awareness work, the YWCA Albania announces the famous soprano Ermonela Jaho, as the Ambassador of Cause against Breast Cancer.

YWCA Albania was founded on 1997 and brings together and empowers women and young girls voluntarily to participate in matters of vital importance and to ensure justice, peace, health, human dignity, freedom and environmental care. YWCA is established to contribute at women empowerment through protection of their human rights, education and information on issues of their direct interest, through employment and specific services at their help.

“The cause I try to support with my very modest possibility” – Ermonela says – “concerns a large number of women; in this case, then, this phenomenon is even more serious in a country like mine where there are very few economic and health possibilities”.

“I feel like a drop in this ocean of problems but at least I try to raise my voice and I hope it can be used to help someone” – concludes the Albanian soprano.


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  1. Kalia says:

    Thank you our great Ermonela Jaho, such a contribution indeed is not just a drop in the ocean, of needs, you and YWCA bring hope and encouragement to Albanian women going through this challenging path. Thank you for who you are and what you do for Albania and all of us.

    1. ladymaxwell says:

      Thanks dear Kalia! Ermonela Jaho is really a great woman! 😘

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