Operastars, perfumes and suggestions: Desiree Rancatore


What’s your favourite perfume?

“I’m not really faithful when it comes to perfumes! I use many of them, it depends on my mood. I love Hypnose by Lancome and Insolence by Guerlain, but I also like Ciel by Amouage. Another favourite is Roses Musk by Montale Paris.”

Do you always buy the same perfume or do you like changing and trying something different?

“I like using different perfumes, so I buy a lot. At the moment I’m using One Million by Paco Rabanne.”

What are the reasons why you like it? What do you like about it? Does it bring back any memories? What is it reminiscent of?

“I like sweet and fruity perfumes, but a spicy touch is lovely, too. Just like myself: sweet and spicy!”

As you discovered ‘ this perfume? When was the first time you bought it? Where?

“I find out about new perfumes in my favourite perfume shop. I go there and try them all.”

When do you like wearing it?

“I always wear it in the morning and whenever I go out in the evening.”

How do you feel when you wear it?

“I feel full of energy, cuddled and very sensual.”

What opera character would wear your perfume?  Or which character of the opera  brings to mind this perfume?

“Hypnose makes me think of Anne Boleyn. On the other hand, Insolence reminds me of myself. I’d like very sensual and intelligent women to wear it.”



Hypnose by Lancome was launched in 2005 and was created by Annick Menardo and Thierry Wasser. The fragrance features passion flower which creates both gentle and passionate feminine aura. A magical product of orchid-vanilla; a vetiver surroundedwith white flowers and Jasmine Sambac give sensual and deep sensation.



The creators of Insolence by Guerlain are Maurice Roucel and Sylvaine Delacourte in 2006. The heart is floral-sweet, composed of violet, rose and orange blossom; at the end, sweet raisins and balsams together have joined iris and Tonka bean to round the composition.

3721_4529883a84e49b08e89035add772783f_roses_muskRoses Musk by Pierre Montale was launched in 2009. The fragrance features rose, jasmine and musk.

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