Private Callas

An exhibition and a collection of fabrics celebrate the great soprano Maria Callas on the occasion of the fortieth anniversary of her disappearance.

In Milan,  Bonotto textile manufacture hosts “Private Callas: dresses and memorabilia in a textile scenery by Bonotto”. The exhibition shows a selection of objects that belonged to the artist: day dresses and precious evening gowns by Biki, Dior and Saint Laurent, sophisticated jewelry, stage costumes, portraits, photographs, playbills of Teatro alla Scala.




For the occasion, Bonotto has realized a number of textile scenery that suggest to the colors, the stucco and the stage atmospheres that have hosted this extraordinary Primadonna. Bonotto also presents an exclusive collection of fabrics inspired by the elegance and charm of the soprano.



So it was born a series of works that culminate with a tapestry representing an empty theater seen from the stage.


An exhibition that enchants the visitors!

Photos: Daniele Fragale, Bonotto

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