Christmas Greetings from Eleonora Buratto and Operafashion!

This year, Operafashion celebrates Christmas with a gift donated by the Italian soprano Eleonora Buratto: the backstage photos and the video “Fermarono i cieli”, an Italian Christmas song with lyrics and music of St. Alphonsus Maria de ‘Liguori. The soprano is accompanied by four trombonists of Mascoulisse Quartet.


In homage to her town Mantova –  Italian Capital of Culture 2016 – and to the association Debra South Tirol-Alto Adige, Eleonora decided to record the song at Teatro Bibiena and to film the video at Palazzo Te, a splendid example of Italian Renaissance architecture: the magical setting of the “Sala dei Giganti” and “Loggia di David” exalts the wonderful voice of the artist.



For this special occasion, the soprano wearing a magnificent blue silk cape created by famous Tirelli Costumes. Make up and hair stylist Mariano Sabatelli.

Merry Christmas from Operafashion!



Sant’Alfonso Maria de’ Liguori
arrangement by Stefano Fonzi and Alberto Pedretti
written and directed by Stefano Aderenti
directors of photography Christian Lorini e Loris Bettoni
audio recording OmicronStudio
Many thanks to:
Nazzareno Carusi
Sartoria Tirelli Costumi
Mariano Sabatelli, hair & make up
Maurizio Miri
Fery Silver Art by Sara Capoferri
the staff of Palazzo Te
background actors
To Bambini Farfalla and Debra Südtirol – Alto Adige
To Mantova, Italian Capital of Culture 2016


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