Anna Netrebko at Echo Klassik 2016

Among the international stars of classical music, Anna Netrebko couldn’t miss!  Also this year, the opera superstar was awarded with Echo Klassik as Singer of the Year 2016.

For the red carpet at the Konzerthaus in Berlin, the Russian soprano wore a special creation of one of her favorite designers Irina Vitjaz. An outfit with a long flute skirt that creates a contoured silhouette and a jacket with peplum pattern. Beautiful pink textured fabric with silver thread. From Chopard the diamonds circular earrings.



For the on-stage performance, Anna wore “Turandot” dress created for her by the Slovakian fashion-designer Boris Hanecka. A dream, sparkling dress with a combination of white-champagne and dark blue silk  with cristal embroidery. For a dazzling effect under the chandeliers and lights in the theatre!



Operafashion shows the sketch of the dress by courtesy of Boris Hanecka.

Boris Hanecka – Turandot dress

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  1. Some time,i feel that this is a dream to see this exeptionally beautiful Primadonna sings so beautifully that i feel i’m in the Olympus and sitting with Gods and the Goddess Anna Netrebko sings just for me.

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