Focus on Opera Diva Dress Collection

Outfits for interviews and photoshoots, and evening dresses for concerts. There is always the pressure for these to be new and event-appropriate. Who can help young opera singers in choosing the perfect attire and avoiding style mis-steps? Her name is Suzanne Vinnik, the American soprano who’s the founder of Opera Diva Dress Collection, a peer-to-peer sharing marketplace for female performing artists where members can buy, rent and sell apparel needed to pursue a career in today’s professional performing arts industry. But there’s more: group members can share ideas, suggestions and information and build connections, which are so important for people who spend most of their time away from home.

The dress which symbolises Opera Diva Dress Collection was created by the American fashion designer Betsey Johnson, whose long career has been established by following her own rules. The “Duchess Windsor” strapless gown is amazing with its pink layered ruffles on the right side of dress and black satin draping covering the left side.

Betsey Johnson_gown
Betsey Johnson – “Duchess Windsor” gown


Several young opera singers have worn it by renting it from Opera Diva Dress Collection – Audrey Babcock, Suzanne Vinnik, Alexandra Nowakowski and Jasmina Halimic.

Audrey Babcock
Audrey Babcock at Carnegie Hall
Audrey Babcock1
Audrey Babcock in the dressing room
Suzanne Vinnik
Suzanne Vinnik in concert at Palm Beach Opera
Alexandra Nowakowski in recital at the Kimmel Center, Philadelphia
Jasmina Halimic
Jasmina Halimic in concert at the Austrian Embassy in Washington, DC

The dress has been a huge source of inspiration for Jasmina, who teamed up with MatchaMe Cosmetics to create the “Reign of Suzanne”, a violet jasmine organic goat-milk soap, dyed with skin healing activated charcoal, Moroccan red clay and pink sweet potato.  All proceeds from the sales will support the group’s future endeavors.

Reign of Suzanne_soap
Reign of Suzanne soap

This community is such an interesting adventure, and so important for its members from all corners of the world, who range from young students to today’s leading opera divas.

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