Opera and Art of fashion: International Opera Awards and Victoria Rees

Fashion and Opera always make a winning combination! The International Opera Awards agree on that.

Among the most famous music foundations, the London-based International Opera Awards promotes the annual opera award, discovers new talents and supports them with a scholarship. In addition to that, it brings young people to opera.

On the occasion of 2016 Awards, the foundation has teamed up with the British fine artist Victoria Rees. The textile designer has created a collection of heavy silk satin scarves and stoles, embellished with opera-themed patterns. Profits from sales of the scarves will go to the Foundation and its activities.

“Fidelio Star” is the name of the men’s collection, which includes scarves and pocket squares: star-shaped motifs inspired to Fidelio, the transvestite protagonist of L. Van Beethoven’s opera, stand out on Titian red, ochre or midnight blue background.

Victoria Rees scarf_OperaAwards_Fidelio1

Victoria Rees scarf_OperaAwards_Fidelio
“Fidelio Star” Evening scarf
Victoria Rees_Fidelio 3
Victoria Rees – Fidelio drawing


The women’s collection includes the ribbon scarf “Moonlit Chorus” and the stole “Aria,” which happens to be my favourite. Such a charming accessory!

Victoria Rees scarf_OperaAwards_Aria

Victoria Rees scarf_OperaAwards_Aria2
“Aria” Stole

Victoria Rees describes it for Operafashion: “For the bespoke International Opera Awards collection “Aria” stole, I created Cameo watercolour scenes inspired by some of the best set designers from around the world creating a border to this rich Titian red stole. Many of the opera sets I choose have been nominated and won awards from the International Opera Awards . They include set’s by designer Michael Yeargan, Michael Levine and a set from Birmingham Opera’s IOA winning production of Khovanskygate. The stripes that run through the stoles rich centre are made up of opera figures taken from my sketch books for Mozart’s “Marriage of Figaro” and Janacek’s “Cunning little Vixen”.

Victoria Rees scarf_OperaAwards_Aria4
“Aria” Stole – Cameo
Michael Yeargan_Les Contes met-opera-composite-of-set
Michael Yeargan – Les Contes D’Hoffmann set – MET 2009
Victoria Rees scarf_OperaAwards_Aria5
“Aria” Stole – Cameo
Michael Levine_Butterfly Eno-opera-composite-of-set
Michael Levine – Madama Butterfly – ENO 2016

International Opera Awards has chosen two young and promising British opera singers as testimonials – the soprano Soraya Mafi and the baritone Peter Brathwaite – so as to emphasize the strong bond between Opera, art and fashion.

Photos: Minjas Zugik

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