The Crystal Turandot Award to Maria Guleghina!

The Crystal Turandot Award together with Helikon Opera Theatre in Moscow presented a new international multicultural project Maestri League. The prize – a sign of recognition of colleagues and critics – is awarded to actors and musicians for outstanding creative achievements. The first ceremony, on April 26, was dedicated to the world opera star Maria Guleghina.

Guleghina_Zaitsev_moscow april 2016_1

For the concert after the award ceremony, the “Russian soprano with Verdi’s music in the blood” wore an incredibly luxuriant gown by Slava Zaitsev: made of black silk, it was decorated by bands embroidered in gold floral motifs. The waist was chinched by a black silk band; the long sleeves had a slightly loose line; the v-shaped neckline had a wide standing collar with lace trim. “This dress would be appreciated by Giuseppina Strepponi,” said the soprano.

Perfect for Guleghina, the tsarina of Russian opera!

Guleghina_Zaitsev_moscow april 2016_4

Guleghina_Zaitsev_moscow april 2016_2

Photos: Ilya Zolkina



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