Giannattasio, Teti and Bulgari at the Royal Opera House

Italian triumph at the London Royal Opera House: the recent production of the operas Cavalleria rusticana/I pagliacci is directed by Damiano Michieletto and conducted by Sir Antonio Pappano; the costumes are curated by Carla Teti and the set design by Paolo Fantin.

I pagliacci takes place in the parish hall of a village in the South of Italy: the set design effectively informs the audience of what is simultaneously happening on both sides of the small proscenium. The goal of Michieletto is to give this story some truth by “getting rid of the folkloristic context”, so as to “emphasize the emotional impact, passion and fun.” The costume designer Carla Teti has followed the same path: she has designed 1980s-style costumes. In particular, the female protagonist of the opera, beautifully played by the Italian soprano Carmen Giannattasio, wears clothes which mirror her personality: peach silk damask highlights Colombina’s sensuality and vulnerability, while silk lingerie and red custom-printed dresses express Nedda’s passion and eroticism. The talented soprano-actress Carmen Giannattasio has been able to use all these elements to imbue her character with unique energy.




Another important detail is the jewellery included in her outfits – vintage pieces by the Italian brand Bulgari, which Giannattasio is testimonial of. The singer and Carla Teti selected a bracelet and a ring from the 1970 collection Tematica: made of green chrysoprase and gold, they have soft geometrical shapes inspired to Andy Warhol’s pop art.

Art, fashion and glamour: trademark elements of Italian creativity.


Bulgari - Tematica collection bracelet and ring
Bulgari – Tematica collection bracelet and ring
Bulgari – Tematica collection

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