Opera stars, perfumes and suggestions: Eleonora Buratto

Simon Boccanegra_Tournée 2014Bunka Kaikan Tokyo_foto Silvia LelliTeatro dell'Opera di Roma__HD

What’s your favourite perfume?

At the moment it’s Emozione by Salvatore Ferragamo. At first I loved its name, totally in tune with my personality; then I tried it and I decided it was the one.

Do you always buy this one or do you like wearing other perfumes?

I like perfumes. I usually pick one for summer and another (with warmer notes) for winter. Last summer I enjoyed wearing a perfume a young fan had given me as a gift: Bulgari Aqua Divina. Smelling the sea on my skin while I was working in a theatre was awesome.

 Why is Emozione your favourite perfume?

I can instantly smell flowers and woody notes in it, so I feel it’s in line with my idea of femininity. My favourite perfume should be young and natural, but at the same time a bit mature. I do believe that the base notes of Emozione, which I can still smell at the end of the day, perfectly express this idea.

Eleonora Buratto_Il Viaggio a Reims 2015_ Opera Amsterdam

How did you find out about it? When and where did you first buy it?

I chose it myself, while I was in a perfume shop in the centre of Milan (at the time, I was working at La Scala). I just followed my instinct, but I also appreciated the classic yet modern shape of the bottle.

When do you wear it?

If I’m not rehearsing at the theatre, I use it every day: I like dousing myself in it. When I’m busy with rehearsals, I wear just a bit: I don’t want to annoy my colleagues! In the evening, I wear it again, after taking a shower.

How do you feel when you wear it?

I feel comfortable with myself. I feel good in my own skin. I feel happy. I hope those who can smell it on me feel the same!

What opera character would wear your perfume?

Adina, because she’s a woman who goes through an evolution.

Salvatore Ferragamo launches new fragrance for women Emozione in February 2015. This Perfume has been announced as extremely feminine fragrance which is classic, contemporary and elegant. The composition is chypre-floral with woody undertones, created to highlight emotions and pleasures that life offers.


Photo: Javier del Real, Greta Buratto.

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