Opera stars, perfumes and suggestions: Maria Guleghina


What’s your favourite perfume?

At the moment my favourite perfume, already 5th bottle, is: House of Sillage Tiara and sometimes also House of Sillage Emerald Reign.

Do you always buy the same perfume or do you like changing and trying something different?

Of course, I change once in a while. Before I found House of Sillage perfumes, I was a huge fan of Guerlain Double Vanille. But I do not “mix” perfumes!

What are the reasons why you like it? What do you like about it? Does it bring back any memories? What is it reminiscent of?

 I love the fragrance… It is a very feminine, sweet but not too sweet. Something very exquisite!

How did you discover this perfume? When was the first time you bought it? Where?

The first bottle was a gift from a very special lady – someone I also admire very much. For some reason, she knew that this fragrance would be perfect for me.

When do you like wearing it?


How do you feel when you wear it?

I feel good. I feel like myself! Basically,  I feel like this perfume was created especially for me!

What opera character could wear your perfume? Or which opera character does this perfume bring to your mind?

Well, not Lady Macbeth – that’s for sure!!

Launched in 2011, House of Sillage Tiara is a modern classic. Vanilla and musk notes infused with rare and delicate florals create a sumptuously evocative fragrance that is further transformed by the woman wearing it. After a tender citric debut, begins a passionate play between rose and vanilla. Lush, sweet and fruity rose notes are provided by Bulgarian roses. Creamy and characteristic spicy vanilla nuances complete this thoroughly feminine composition. The nose behind this fragrance is Francis Camail.


House of Sillage Emerald Reign was created by Mark Buxton. The fragrance is sweet, oriental, fruity and woody. It contains notes of cardamom, coriander, nutmeg, sandalwood and benzoin.


Photo: Maria Guleghina by Terry James

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