Opera stars, perfumes and suggestions: Ann Hallenberg


Ms. Hallenberg, what’s your favourite perfume?

My favourite isn’t made anymore. It’s YSL “In love again” and it came in the 90′ and then dissappeared. A few years ago they made it again but it was different and not as nice, so now I like Narciso Rodriguez “For Her”: best. Also, for a birthday some years ago, my husband gave me YSL “Young, Sexy, Lovely”: it’s nice – but I liked what my husband was trying to tell me with it’s name best!

Do you always buy the same perfume or do you like changing and trying something different?

I have a few perfumes, but somehow I keep returning to Narciso Rodriguez.

What are the reasons why you like it? What do you like about it? Does it bring back any memories? What is it reminiscent of? 

I like perfumes that are citrusy, I love the fragrance of Grapefruite or lemon. It’s so fresh and almost never too heavy or disturbing.

As you discovered ‘ this perfume? When was the first time you bought it? Where?

I actually think the “In love again” was the first real perfume I bought, as a young Operastudent. I was studying in Stockholm and for the first time lived on my own.

When do you like wearing it?

Always! No…. I seldom wear makeup or perfume at home, but for work…. unless a colleague has an allergy of course. Singers and musicians need to be able to breathe!

How do you feel when you wear it?

Fresh and somehow that my outfit is “finished”!

What opera character would wear your perfume? Or which character of the opera brings to mind this perfume?

 No idea!

Yves Saint Laurent In Love Againwas launched in 1998. The “nose” behind this fragrance is Jean Claude Ellena. This fresh, fruity-floral harmony is composed of rasbberry, brimbelle, gentle peony and sensual musk.

Hallenbergh_YSL in love again

For Her created by Christine Nagel and Francis Kurkdjian for the young and very modern American designer of Cuban origins Narciso Rodriguez. This  fragrance has instantly become the hit in the US. Top notes of rose and peach. Heart: amber and musk. Base: patchouli and sandalwood.


Photo: Ann Hallenberg with a silk chiffon dress by Arnaud Lancè

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