Chronicles from the Rossini Opera Festival

It’s unquestionable! Lady Maxwell cannot resist the call of the Rossini Opera Festival and so, once again, did not miss the event!

The main opera of the festival was “Guillaume Tell”, the last of a long series written by the genius of Rossini. The director of this “opera summa” was the talented maestro Michele Mariotti, celebrated by his wife, the soprano Olga Peretyatko. At the premiere the ROF diva wore a glamourous tunic by Bottega Veneta, made of a series of panels in two different metallic gold fabrics; the dress was accented by a gold thin belt. Clutch, shoes and bangles were gold, too. A dress that seemed to have her name all over it!

OLga Peretyatko_Bottega Veneta_Tell ago 2013


The “Guillaume Tell” star was the Latvian soprano Marina Rebeka, who also starred in a recital dedicated to Giuseppe Verdi. At the recital, Marina wore a long strapless dress, made of a dark brown fabric with a peculiar crocodile texture decorated by tiny iridescent splinters. Her amber-coloured jewellery, made of semi-precious stones, beautifully completed her outfit.

Marina Rebeka_Rof 2013_1

Marina Rebeka_Rof 2013

The undisputed male star of “Guillaume Tell” (and not only!) was the one and only Juan Diego Florez, accompanied by his wife Julia. On August 20th (day of the last performance) Mrs. Florez wore a little black satin dress made of a slightly quilted fabric embellished by tiny sequins. She also wore a short jacket. The outfit was completed by a black Lady Dior bag. Elegant Mrs. Florez!

JuliaFlorez_Tell_ago 2013


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